Mangalyaan – The Countdown Starts ! ! !

Chandrayaan - The Countdown Starts ! ! !

India began countdown on Sunday to the launch of its most ambitious and risky space mission to date, sending a probe to Mars.
The Indian space agency’s Mars Mission, launching on November 5, is the cheapest by any nation to the red planet! And there are attributes unique to ISRO that enable it to practise frugal engineering at the cutting edge time and again.
The official countdown for blast-off of the Indian orbiter, nicknamed “Mangalyaan”, began at 06:08am on Sunday.
India’s mission to Mars is to be launched From its space port at Sriharikota on the coast of the Bay of Bengal using the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) rocket.


The 56 hours and 30 minutes countdown, for the launch scheduled for November 5 started as per schedule at 06.08 AM. It is proceeding smoothly,” a spokesman of the ISRO said.


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