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“The Wait Is Over” – Whatsapp To Be Available For Asha 501 In November



Hey Buddies , Whatsapp Messenger The world’s most popular social messaging software will be available for Nokia Asha 501 this november.
So this month Nokia will be connecting more people through this dazzling phone.

In an interesting stats release, Whatsapp CEO Jan Koum who came up on stage noted that there are now 350 million active monthly users on its platform, and out of them 250,000 Nokia users are being registered daily through their Asha, Symbian and Lumia devices.

Last time Nokia said that the company is developing the technology to co-ordinate the keyboard for the software and also to correct the contacts sync. But Now Nokia has come up with the news that this phone users urged to hear.
Nokia Asha devices built after November 2nd Week will be capable of using the Whatsapp while the other Asha 501s will keenly recieve an update for the program to run.
So Guys , Keep an eye on Nokia Store.
We will report the same if any news comes by . . . . . .

Mangalyaan – The Countdown Starts ! ! !


Chandrayaan - The Countdown Starts ! ! !

India began countdown on Sunday to the launch of its most ambitious and risky space mission to date, sending a probe to Mars.
The Indian space agency’s Mars Mission, launching on November 5, is the cheapest by any nation to the red planet! And there are attributes unique to ISRO that enable it to practise frugal engineering at the cutting edge time and again.
The official countdown for blast-off of the Indian orbiter, nicknamed “Mangalyaan”, began at 06:08am on Sunday.
India’s mission to Mars is to be launched From its space port at Sriharikota on the coast of the Bay of Bengal using the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) rocket.


The 56 hours and 30 minutes countdown, for the launch scheduled for November 5 started as per schedule at 06.08 AM. It is proceeding smoothly,” a spokesman of the ISRO said.

Mauna Kea – “The Real Everest” !!!


Mauna Kea The Real Everest !!!

Mauna Kea is over 10,000 meters tall compared to 8,848 meters for Mount Everest – making it the “world’s tallest mountain”. As Mauna Kea has portions beneath the oceans and as a matter of reason Mt. Everest Is regarded as the tallest mountain as altitude is the counting part.But when its everything about height then It is this massive Hawaain Mountain that stands a liitle more high than the Everest!!!

Mauna Kea has an altitude of 4,205 meters (13,796 feet) – much lower than Mount Everest. However, Mauna Kea is an island and if the distance from the bottom of the nearby Pacific Ocean floor to the peak of the island is measured, then Mauna Kea is “taller” than Mount Everest.

FIFA or PES – The Game Changers !!!


This year has seen a great rise in the world of the gaming …

You get what you wish , whether it be shooting , sports ,racing ; The Game developers are doing to do inorder to win the hearts and thumbsup of the gaming freaks.You should have seen them talking about the cool games available for different platforms.But Now lets have a look at the sport genre. Football is the most viewed sport over the world and as a fact there are people who look forward to play soccer in their living rooms as a simulation game..

AS I have said already the game developers have brought in their best to mesmerize the game lovers and we have the two popular soccer games which are available for users of x-box,PS And PC..One of them is an undisputed king for all these years with licensed teams,nice game-play and decent graphics which is developed by the reknowned EA Sports team – FIFA….

The other developed by the asian company KONAMI is the Pro Evolution Soccer or simply PES..

This year’s products from these developers the FIFA 14 and the PES 14 are the options available for the virtual soccer players. Fifa 14 has come up with a little more modifications and technical things that they say that it can really make the game as real as it can be..

Precision movement ,real ball physics , pure shot are the main ones that FIFA has added to the new version of their game..Powered by the IGNITE engine in x-box and PS FIFA offers almost every modes that you wish to play.For PC , FIFA is powered by the old IMPACT engine..

48 (1)

Fifa 14’s new Pure Shot mechanic fits all three criteria in one. Essentially, efforts on goal have a greater tendency to dip, bend and rise, giving them ferocious unpredictability. It’s difficult not to feel a flutter in your gut as the ball falls to your long distance specialist on the edge of the box.Thunderous volleys, first-time belters and off-balance lashes — they look natural and feel right, thanks to improved ball physics and a slew of new contextual animations.

images( Image – Pure shot )>>>>


Keep in mind, long shots aren’t a magic button. They’re actually less frequent, and this is thanks to EA’s other new back-of-the-box feature – Precision Movement. So-called ‘stepbased location’ is a technical triumph, players now weightily planting feet when running and pushing off from pivots, but it’s an awkward fumble of a feature in practice.

Attacking is revitalised by Pure Shot, but Precision Movement clogs midfield and defence. Matches aren’t ruined by any means – rather, they’re simply thrown off in a second. Problem is, in a high-tempo game like Fifa, with its tight margins for error and all-important timing, that second counts.

All in all fifa gives more than what an average game should be..Now let us look what Pes Has to say…

With the new FOX engine , PES has become  more powerful with their mindblowing graphics in their latest PES 14..

When talking about improvements PES 14 has really improved a lot..

With better graphics and presentation PES has a major advantage over FIFA..


Image – Robin Van Persie  >>>>>



Image Bicycle Kick – ( Left – Fifa 14 vs Right – PES 14 )

I am not making it long , Let me give you a short overview of what these two games offer :

           FIFA 14 ADVANTAGES

  • Licensed by the football association , in here you get almost every league that you can think of..
  • Mode – FIFA 14 offers a better Be a Pro mode, better training/skill games and better Pro Clubs. That’s without mentioning the series biggest mode – Ultimate Team.
  • Precision Movement
  • Real Ball Physics – Its great to watch the ball glide and swing..
  • Online – FIFA 14 offers best online experience for the users.
  • Nice celebrations that you can show by allocating buttons…

           PES 14 ADVANTAGES

  • Best Graphics that you can get.
  • The pitch is so long that you can get best game play
  • The game play is better and you get a smooth play..You get the best control over the players.
  • This year they have come up with a new idea..Players with ability to jump has a slight edge to head the ball from a high ball…
  • Free Kick has become more creative with more chance of scoring..
  • Feint Skills Can be executed using the RS and the LS Buttons alone..
  • The ability to push while running and defending..It has made the game more realistic..
  • The Popular UEFA and Europa League are only available for the PES users and it has also been presented very smartly..


  • Defending is the most shameful thing that both FIFA and PES need to improve..
  • What I noticed is that In both PES and FIFA is that defenders move their body towards the attackers to tackle and the ball goes such a long distance that the ball gets taken over by the other player. Never in the real soccer we play , the ball go that long rather a little off the attacker…
  • Players slide and tackle when we hit buttons even if they are nowhere near the opposition players..Such things take the reality off the game..
  • PES   –  Taking Penalty is something that needs a little more concern..The players kicks the ball as if they kick it with no power..
  • Players sometimes merge and this seems so worrying that they feel that the game is so downgraded..
  • PES – Commentary is same as of PES 13 except some new phrases and etc etc.


The play that FIFA and PES offers players is surely something that needs an appreciation…

PES should not have dropped the animations they had in PES 13 like  getting the Footballer Award ,Become A Legend..May be they should add some more like the footballer’s ride with the beastful sports cars , advertisements scenes and other life like situations.

PES 14 will never disappoint anyone nor will FIFA 14..But its the taste that counts..

If you want better graphics , gameplay and style then go for PES 14..

Or If you want better online features , Mode and Real World Tech Then Its FIFA 14 which is the right partner for you to  bring out the footballer in you !!!!

Top 5 Poisonous Creatures On The Planet!!!



1.Box Jellyfish

Jellyfish (Sycophozoa) are delicate, soft-bodied animals. They are invertebrates—jellyfish have no bones, exoskeleton, or shell to protect or support them. Instead, the water in which they live provides their body with the structural support it requires. If a jellyfish is removed from water or is washed ashore, it collapses and dies.Jellyfish are Cnidaria, a group of animals that also includes corals, hydras, and sea anemones. Cnidaria are all radially symmetrical. Their body parts are roughly symmetrical when viewed around a central axis. Jellyfish have no left or right side, when viewed side-on, they look approximately the same from every angle.

The infamous box jellyfish developed its frighteningly powerful venom to instantly stun or kill prey, like fish and shrimp, so their struggle to escape wouldn’t damage its delicate tentacles.

Their venom is considered to be among the most deadly in the world, containing toxins that attack the heart, nervous system, and skin cells. It is so overpoweringly painful, human victims have been known to go into shock and drown or die of heart failure before even reaching shore. Survivors can experience considerable pain for weeks and often have significant scarring where the tentacles made contact.

Jellyfish live in oceans throughout the world. Most jellyfish live in marine environments, a few species inhabit saltwater lakes. All species of jellyfish that are said to be freshwater dwelling are in fact Hydrozoans (not Scyphozoans). Some jellyfish prefer warm, tropical waters while other species tend to prefer cold, arctic or antarctic waters.

 Jellyfish live in many oceanic zones, from shallow inshore waters near coastlines, to open ocean. They survive at a variety of depths, some species inhabit the top level of water while others inhabit darker, deeper depths. A few species migrate between depths, coming to the surface during the day and dropping to the deep during the night.

Box jellies, also called sea wasps and marine stingers, live primarily in coastal waters off Northern Australia and throughout the Indo-Pacific. They are pale blue and transparent in color and get their name from the cube-like shape of their bell. Up to 15 tentacles grow from each corner of the bell and can reach 10 feet (3 meters) in length. Each tentacle has about 5,000 stinging cells, which are triggered not by touch but by the presence of a chemical on the outer layer of its prey.

Box jellies are highly advanced among jellyfish. They have developed the ability to move rather than just drift, jetting at up to four knots through the water. They also have eyes grouped in clusters of six on the four sides of their bell. Each cluster includes a pair of eyes with a sophisticated lens, retina, iris and cornea, although without a central nervous system, scientists aren’t sure how they process what they see.

Did you know?
Sea turtles are unaffected by the sting of the box jellyfish and regularly eat them.
2.Cone Snail
This little beautiful looking Cone snail can be as deadly as any other animal on this list. One drop of its venom is powerful enough to kill more than 20 humans. If you ever happen to be in warm salt water environment (where these snails are often found) and see it, don’t even think of picking it up. Of course, the true purpose of its venom is to catch its prey, and not to kill you.Symptoms of a cone snail sting can start immediately or can be delayed in onset for days. It results in intense pain, swelling, numbness and tingling. Severe cases involve muscle paralysis, vision changes and breathing failure. There is no antivenom. However, only about 30 human deaths have been recorded from cone snail envenomation. The cone snail uses a “harpoon” loaded with venom that it launches with a muscular contraction to inject its prey.
3.Blue Ringed Octopus
The blue ringed octopus carries enough poison to kill 26 adult human beings within minutes. It has no antidote.Its painless bite may seem harmless, but the deadly neurotoxins begin working immediately resulting in muscular weakness, numbness, followed by a cessation and breathing and ultimately death.They can be found in tide pools in the Pacific Ocean, from Japan to Australia.The poison is not injected but is contained in the octopus’s saliva, which comes from two glands each as big as its brain. Poison from the one is used on its main prey, crabs, and is relatively harmless to humans. Poison from the other gland serves as defence against predators. The blue-ringed octopus either secretes the poison in the vicinity of its prey, waits until it is immobile and then devours it, or it jumps out and envelops the prey in its 8 tentacles and bites it.The blue-ringed octopuses are three octopus species that live in tide pools and coral reefs in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, from Japan to Australia.

4.Death Stalker Scorpion


The Deathstalker (Leiurus quinquestriatus), is a species of scorpion, a member of the Buthidae family. It is also known as an Omdurman scorpion, or Israeli desert scorpion. The name Leiurus quinquestriatus roughly translates to “five-striped smooth-tail”. Other species of the genus Leiurus are often referred to as “deathstalkers” as well.

The Deathstalker is straw yellow in color, and can grow 3.5 to 4.5 inches (9 to 11.5 cm) in length. It is of a slight build compared to other scorpions, with a long thin tail and slender pedipalps. A dark segment on the tail is sometimes faint or even missing, which can complicate identification.

Most scorpions have a life span of two to six years.

Deathstalker scorpions are very small often tan or reddish colored with small weak pincers. The stinger tip and pincer tips can be darker, almost black colored. Females are larger than males to accommodate reproductive tasks.

Deathstalker scorpions can be found (if one is foolhardy enough to look for one) in dry desert areas and dry scrublands in northern Africa and the Middle East. It prefers a dry climate, and makes its home in natural burrows or under stones.

Scorpions may capture their prey with their pincers but in the case of the Deathstalker, the pincers are fairly weak so a sting must be administered quickly.

The size of the pincers of a scorpion can be a good measure of the potency of its venom. Scorpions with large, powerful pincers have no need for powerful toxins. Scorpions with small, weak pincers need to have strong poisons to subdue their prey and ward off enemies.

The Deathstalker scorpion has the strongest poison of any scorpion. If stung, a person will experience extreme pain, convulsions, paralysis and even death due to heart and respiratory failure.

5.  Hydrophis Belcheri